Apiary Workshop Blog 7/7

Sat 7 July was the Fifth in this years planned Open Apiary sessions which again saw us at the New Association Apiary in Saunderton. There were 8 attendees at this session (7 ‘learners/improver’s’ plus 1 demonstrating).

As seems to be the norm nowadays the weather was not really co-operating, with bands of rain coming over every few minutess. However we persevered and two teams set out to inspect the hives in between the rain.

The first thing we did was inspect the Varroa boards that the Apiary Manager had fitted a couple of days ago. Most showed no evidence of Varroa (hooray!) but one showed a drop of 2 mites and one showed a large drop of 50 mites. Interestingly this latter colony was Autumn treated for Varroa last season, but with Api Life Var. This has a lower effective rate then Apiguard, plus has to be on longer and  is something that we will need to keep an eye on.
Once finished with the hives we discussed various aspects of integrated pest management and its importance in maintaining healthy colonies.
We ended the day with home made ginger cake whilst Nicholetta demonstrated her excellent strimming skills

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