Tuesday 11th June – DYB: Hot Topics

This month we will be trying something different and  having a general discussion of “hot topics” chosen by you.  If you have a question or some burning issue with your bees or beekeeping here is an opportunity to raise it  with with your fellow beekeepers and get some interesting answers or explanations.  It may not be the answer you want, but I am sure we will all go home with something to think about.

Remember the old adage “ask two beekeepers a question and get three answers” –  then consider what happens if you ask three dozen beekeepers a question!

This is going to be an interesting evening,  bring a question to put to the meeting if you can.

7.30pm Trinity (back hall) Refreshments available, hope you can make it

Friday 31st May – Pollen, Superfood for Honey Bees

Join us on 31st May for a talk by guest speaker, Robert Smith, discussing Pollen, the superfood for honey bees.

Friday 26th April – Nuc It!

Celia Davis, author of The Honey Bee Around and About, and The Honey Bee Inside Out, and many articles in Bee Craft on honey bee biology and related topics.

Celia has been keeping bees since 1980 and obtained a National Diploma in Beekeeping in 1994. We will learn about making and using nucleus colonies

DYB – 9th April – Seasonal Tasks

On 9th April the Develop your Beekeeping Skills session will be looking at the seasonal tasks we should be focusing on at this time of year.

7.30pm – 9.30pm at Trinity Church.

Mon 18th March – Apiary clean up

Monday 18th March 2019 Apiary cleanup
Anything goes at the apiary, weeding, pruning, tidying. General apiary management and may even involve some beekeeping.
10.00 to 13.00 – Bring along some lunch for a picnic if weather suitable! 

24th March Talk in Epping: Asian Hornet Invasion

Free one-day conference on 24th March, organised by Epping Forest Beekeepers Association will explore the threat posed to UK beekeeping and the wider natural environment by the Asian hornet, a non-native invasive species. This event will take place at Copped Hall near Epping.

Five speakers will present their experiences and demonstrate how we can all play a part in preventing the establishment of this serious environmental threat.

Click here for more information and to book a ticket:




2019 Beginner’s Course starts on 9th March

HWBKA Beginner’s course starts on 9th March 2019.

Follow link for more information and to book your place:


DYB on 12th March – Asian Hornet Traps

Develop your Beekeeping

Association members are invited to join us at Trinity Church on Tuesday 12th March at 7.30pm (rear hall) for a cup of tea and a talk on how to develop your beekeeping skills.

This week we will be discussing Asian Hornet Traps, including different baits to use, when to employ and demonstrating how to make one that doesn’t kill European Hornets.

Here are some examples of the types of plastic bottles that work well for making the traps:

75th Anniversary Tea Party 17th March 2019

The 17th March 2019 is 75 years to the day that the High Wycombe Beekeeping Association was formed.

Join us for an afternoon tea with an array of sandwiches and cakes supplied by outside caterers at the Wycombe Oak Room, Old Town Hall, High Wycombe, HP11 2XE.

There will be a photo guessing game, guess the object, a quiz, candle rolling, a memory timeline, a honey tasting competition, a raffle and a lot of chatting.

Tickets cost £5.00 per person.  Follow the link below to book your place: