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HWBKA Members Sales and Wants for Beekeeping Items

Only HWBKA members may advertise on this page.  No personal contact details will appear:  items will be identified by a reference number.

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Some National kit available for sale. Enquire for details  #SR

6 frame nucs with 2019 queen available for order now.  Price £150 before 1st March.  After this date £165.   Available early – mid June.  Deposit £25 secures.  Refundable £35 deposit on nuc box. Enquire for more details #130119

Overwintered colonies with 2018 queen in BS National hives on double brood or
‘brood and super’ for sale. Available in spring when the weather allows. Price for bees on frames only – not boxes.  £200. #040219



WBC hive parts wanted especially supers and floor #081018

Beeswax wanted for candle making  #301018