Super Removal Session

August 1st
Apiary Manager Bob Grayston, along with Olwyn French, Barbara Ripingden and Niki Mann went along to the Association Apiary on Wed 1 Aug to remove the supers from the association hives in preparation for the honey extraction session.

First they discussed a number of different methods that can be used to part the honey from the bees.

Then it was into the apiary to see what had been collected by the bees, after such a bad and inconsistent season. Surprisingly most of the hives had some honey on them, but not all of it was ripe.

All the supers were taken off, and sorted into ripe and not ripe. The non ripe honey will be returned to the bees once the varroa treatment has finished for the bees to finish off ripening and use for winter stores.

Bob and Karen later went down to the Marlow Apiary and removed a further super from the bees there, which in total makes 3 1/2 supers of potentially viable honey totalling around 75 to 80 pounds. So it seems the season was not a total disaster.

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