“Developing your Beekeeping” Meetings

Programme for 2017.  Meetings at Trinity URC, High Wycombe at 7.30pm

2017 Subject Presenter
10th January Brood diseases Paul Hurley
14th February Social aspects of honey bees Sarah Raby Buck
14th March Nucs and nuc boxes Paul Hurley
11th April Queen rearing Gordon Cutting and Arnold Desandre
9th May Swarming  Clive Hill
13th June Producing cut comb  Graeme Summers
11th July Dealing with the honey crop  Paul Hurley
8th August Preparing for the honey shows and honey tasting  Paul Hurley
12th Sept  Preparing bees for winter and overwintering  Paul Hurley
10th October  Insights into the worker bee  Evelyn Summers
14th Nov Understanding the honey bee nest  Paul Hurley

“Developing your Beekeeping” is a monthly meeting where a single topic is presented and discussed in some detail.  It’s also an opportunity for all levels of beekeepers to exchange experiences.  Refreshments available.