“Developing your Beekeeping” Meetings

Developing your beekeeping is an evening in which a single beekeeping topic is presented and discussed in some detail.  It’s also an opportunity for all levels of beekeepers to exchange experiences.  Refreshments available.

Held on the second Tuesday of the month at Trinity URC, London Road, High Wycombe, starting at 7.30pm.

Each meeting addresses an individual beekeeping topic.


Dates 2019:

8th Jan             Anatomy of the Honey Bee Essentials

12th Feb           Feeding your bees – why, when, what with, and how?

12th March      Making Asian Hornet Traps

9th April            Seasonal Tasks

14th May          Swarming

11th June          Hot topics and burning issues

9th July              Supers, extracting honey, and varroa treatment

13th Aug

10th Sep

8th Oct

12th Nov

Dec – no meeting

Topics and speakers will be announced nearer the time by email and on the website.