The association manages a training apiary in Saunderton and has available Woodland Trust sites that can be used by members as a quarantine location. Both are subject to a number of rules to protect the sites and promote good hygiene.

The Saunderton Training Apiary, its schedule and the activities within it are controlled by the apiary manager.

The available hives are divided into a red and a blue group which are inspected weekly on separate days.

This supports the associations needs for, for example:

  • Beginners Course hands on visits
  • Basic Assessment training and examination
  • Taster Day and other activities related to the promotion of bees and beekeeping
  • Social Events
  • Storage of some hire equipment
  • Collection of group purchased items

When the training apiary is not otherwise booked, there are sometimes opportunities for a small number of members to visit. Those opportunities need to be booked in advance as space is limited.