High Wycombe and District Beekeepers’ Association Privacy Notice

Types of data collected and how it is used

The personal data we routinely collect includes members’ names, addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers. 

We collect this data directly from our members when they join the Association or register on the Website (www:hwbka.co.uk).  Where appropriate we hold additional information such as committee and special interest items such as swarm collection and honey sales, membership status, including payment sums and number of additional colonies for BDI records, year beginners’ course taken and beekeeping qualifications.

We use members’ personal data for administration, the communication of information and the organisation of events.  

Data sharing

Membership data is accessible to the Bucks County Beekeepers’ Association (BCBKA), the British Beekeepers’ Association (BBKA), and the Bee Disease Insurance Scheme (BDI). 

If a subscription to a beekeeping magazine has been taken out by the member through the Association, the name and address will be given to the magazine publisher.  We do not pass members’ data to any other organisation.

Website registration data is only shared with site editors and with event organisers when signing up for events.

Collection of data

Data for most of our members comes from the individual member when they join the HWBKA, or when they update their information.  Where appropriate updates are made these will be passed on to the organisations listed above.

Website registration data is collected when the member registers and this is linked to events when a member books to attend an event. The website uses cookies but only for maintaining your session or if you have requested it, for remembering you when you next login. No third party cookies are used.

Data storage

The data is stored in digital form in a secure database administered by the BBKA and BDI, and is accessible to designated members of the HWBKA executive committee.

Website registrations are held in the association’s website secure database which is backed up at least monthly.

Compliance with the relevant laws and regulations

The person who is responsible for ensuring that HWBKA discharges its obligations under the GDPR is the current chairman of the executive committee.

Access to data

Members of the committee of HWBKA and certain other Association members appointed by the committee to administer certain activities such as hiring of equipment and swarm collection may be provided with names and contact details of members so they can carry out their legitimate tasks.

Legal basis for collecting data

HWBKA collects personal data that is necessary for the purposes of its legitimate interests as a membership organisation representing honey bees and beekeepers.

For some data, such as that relating to financial matters, the basis for its collection and retention is to comply with our legal obligations.

To check what data we have about an individual member

To see the basic membership data we hold about you, contact the Membership Secretary.

To see the Website registration information held about you you can examine your profile on the site or contact the webmaster.

You can contact us with a “Subject Access Request” if you want to ask us to provide you with any other information we hold about you. If you are interested in any particular aspects, specifying them will help us to provide you with what you need quickly and efficiently. We are required to provide this to you within one month. There is no fee for this.

Special categories of personal data

The GDPR refers to sensitive personal data as “special categories of personal data”. 

HWBKA does not record any such special data.

To ask for data to be removed, limited or corrected

There are ways in which you can limit how your data is used.

You could maintain your Association membership with your correct name but with limited contact details, however, this will reduce our means of communicating with you.  Contact the membership secretary if you do not want to receive either emails, postal communications, or telephone calls from HWBKA.

You do not need to register on the website. If you wish your website registration to be deleted, contact the webmaster.

Length of time data records are maintained

After a member resigns or their membership lapses a record might be kept for up to seven years, to conform to HMRC and insurance requirements

Deceased members

A deceased member’s data would be kept subject only to HMRC and insurance requirements.

HWBKA (PH) 11.04.21 & website amendments (CT) 05.08.21