Asian Hornet Week 2023

Many thanks to Andrew Durham for his wonderful talks that took place Wednesday and Thursday evening.  They have been the highlight of Asian hornet week!   Everyone has enjoyed the opportunity to have their questions answered live.  We know from the comments in the online chat and the emails received that everyone found the talks interesting and useful.

For those members who were unable to view the talks or for those who want to watch them again here are the links:

 Asian Hornet Week 2023 – Andrew Durham’s Special Briefings for Beekeepers

Part one:

Part two:

In part two, Andrew mentions the following link:

Additional AH resources are available on the BBKA website:

The BBKA website publishes a pdf document for download called A Beekeepers Guide to Asian Hornets on a page with Other Asian Hornet Resources. It gives a good introduction to what is going on and when along with what you can be doing yourself.

Asian Hornet Identity Parade