Have you thought about taking up beekeeping? If you are not yet ready to commit to the Beginners’ Course then we offer a Taster Day. This gives a really good understanding of what it is to be a beekeeper through a combination of lectures and practical activities with the bees.

Whilst we have an agenda the aim is to answer your question as well as giving you an overview. That overview will include:

  • difference between workers, drones and queens and how to identify them
  • lifecycles of the bees and of the colony throughout the season
  • an introduction to the pests and diseases plus likely future threats
  • different parts of a hive and some understanding of the different types of hive
  • a chance to put on a bee suit and get up close to an open hive of bees with a qualified beekeeper
  • an understanding of what the bees bring into the hive
  • how to select a good site for your bees

how to get more help and information and where to exercise caution

The next Taster Day is:

  • Sat 10/08/2024 at 10:00 am - 2:00 pm – Taster Day 2024 at Saunderton Apiary
  • and costs just 20 pounds.

    It runs from 10am to 2pm. Bring wellies and a packed lunch. Tea and coffee will be available.