HWBKA Association Apiary Rules – Saunderton

Any person visiting or making use of this site does so entirely at their own risk and HWBKA shall not be liable for any damage, loss or injury sustained.  Entrance to the site is conditional on this and acceptance of the rules listed below.

  1. Appropriate protective clothing including footwear must be worn in the hive area.  Clothing and gloves must be clean.  Leather gloves are not permitted unless disposable surgical type gloves are worn on top. Protective clothing must be secured before entry to the hive area.  Tools and re-usable gloves must be cleaned after use in strong washing soda solution.
  2. ONLY Association hive tools, smokers etc. may be used at the apiary.
  3. Good hygienic apiary practice must be followed, e.g. sealing up dead hives, collecting all wax scraps and ensuring old comb is not accessible to bees.
  4. Before storage, smokers must be extinguished by plugging the smoke hole.  Cold ashes should be put in the bin provided.
  5. No bees or bee equipment may be brought or removed from site without prior approval from the apiary manager or deputy.
  6. Colony and apiary records must be updated as required and the Apiary Manager or deputy advised immediately of any colony welfare concerns,  (e.g. queenlessness, shortage of stores and signs of disease).
  7. A functioning mobile phone must be available when the apiary is in use.  If a person suffers anaphylactic shock the emergency medical services must be called immediately.