Never having been into gardening I have had a lot to learn about the plants bees like. Never more so than when I tried to remember a few appearing throughout the year for my Basic Examination. So I thought I would gather together a simple list with photos (for which I have copyright approval!) The list of plants selected is taken from the Beekeeping Year Planner but I have already been tempted to replicate the Crocus into an earlier month based on what I actually saw.

December / January – Mahonia

February – Snowdrops (Crocus)

March – Crocus, Willow

April – OSR, Dandelion

May – OSR, Top Fruit

June – Phacelia, Raspberry, Lime

July – Rosebay Willow Herb, Clover

August – Heather, Himalayan Balsam

September – Sedum

October / November – Ivy